1. I am a Unitarian Universalist and I thought I should post this to better educate people who are willing to learn about my religion since most people I’ve had the chance to talk to about it have never heard of us UUs.
    And it’s an accepting, and tolerant group of people who are pretty chill if you ever need to find a welcoming place to explore the heavier stuff in life.
    Our beliefs are on the card above, but I’ll just list a quick summary of our seven principals.
    (We got these cards at youth group to help explain it if anyone ever asked us, that’s what inspired this post.)
    1. We believe in the freedom of religious expression.
    2. We believe in the toleration of religious ideas.
    3. We believe in the authority of reason and conscience.
    4. We believe in the never ending search for truth.
    5. We believe in the unity of experience.
    6. We believe in the worth and dignity of each human being.
    7. We believe in the ethical application of religion.
    (If you are interested in learning more, google us we have a web-page.)
    Thanks for reading, have a nice day!

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    So I discovered this thing called unitarian universalism today. I also found a local congregation, so when I get back...
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