1. 'We spend way too much time around each other.' [x]

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    I cried the first time I saw this, first she throws a table,
    Then she catches the chair someone threw at her with one hand…ONE HAND.

    She is the Supreme.

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    The cutest smile through another point of view :) 


    How can I not reblog this?

    You can’t. So do I.

    I’ve already reblogged this, but I will reblog it again, dammit. It’s too cute and is totally on my forever reblog list.

    This is why the office partition was necessary - otherwise his smile has to compete with that gorgeous, lean, gives-you-a-paper-cut-if-you-hug-him body.

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  7. notdoingthiswouldbeweird:

    i was just eating some damn good chicken taco & it went down the wrong pipe and i literally shot a dime sized chunk of taco out my fucking nose

    it just happened again i think I need to go to the hospital


  8. unclefather:

    i don’t go to family reunions because they always ask me rude questions they’re like my 4th cousin half removed only by marriage and they ask me “why don’t you ever have a boyfriend” and i’m like i don’t fucking know why don’t you have any of your teeth 

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    The man entered his home and was absolutely delighted when he discovered someone had stolen every lamp in the house.

    oh my god

    i just do not understand this post what even


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  11. 7/19/14: “What’s the best bromance on the team?”

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  12. toewscrosby:

    "is jacob a vampire or werewolf?"

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    found this sick keyboard at the thrift store and the mouse that comes with it is sick too

    I’m sorry, this is so ugly. Probably because of the Comic Sans. But I can dig that mouse.

    shut your fucking face fuckface

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  14. shawzy and saader being bromantic after winning the cup (x)

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